The Best Underground Burgers in L.A. | The Burger Show

Published on Jun 1, 2021
It’s no exaggeration to say that we're in the midst of a Burger Revolution. Get ready for a tour of L.A.'s best backyard, underground burger operations! In today's episode, Alvin will be hitting two special backyard pop-ups-Yellow Paper Burger in Monterey Park to try their classic double cheeseburger, and Hangaburs in El Sereno to try their epic Nayarit-style Smashburger.

As we all know, the past year and a half was gut-wrenching for restaurants. But in the wake of the pandemic's destruction, a beautiful thing happened in the food world. A vibrant pop-up movement took root in Los Angeles, made up of scrappy DIY food operations-many of them burger stands.

This episode is dedicated to the small business owners who took a risk to feed people during tough times. We salute you.

Thumbnail image courtesy Memo Torres






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  • Salute to these burger heroes! Like if you support your local burger stand.

    • alvin sucks

    • Ice lulu

    • @Vesania Nope, you're a hipster and you misspelled livid.

    • @CentristView you've been reported for harassment

    • @Vesania Not at all. Im just telling you it’s just food, no need to get angry or upset. I’m not talking down nor harassing you. Seems you’re just having a bad day. I feel sorry for you, really, you may not realize but I feel bad for you. If venting and being wierd and hotheaded online helps, you need to seek some assistance. This is not healthy at all. I know you’ll get mad at this comment, but i don’t mind, You need to calm down.


  • Can the burger show please just be you three from now on ? Because this.... this is the content I came here for.

  • Can't stand mayo. I butter my buns. Guess I'm an asshole then.

  • Man, I enjoy Alvin, but I dread the day I hear about him losing a leg to diabetes; or worse, dying of a heart attack.

  • That hanguburs burger with the ham looks life changing!!!!!! What a phenomenal community!

  • MAYO OH NO !!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • If have a hard time paying attention to the food at yellow paper. Katie is... wow! “The same dude that’s got bud resin all over hims back again for another pie. This is the 14th time today.” 😉

    • And that’s saying a lot. LA as a city 🤢🤮

  • Fuck yeah

  • Agree 100% with mayo top and bottom!

  • Fat

  • You friend at the second joint is 💎💎💎💎

  • Nice

  • Too much cussing.

  • she's so loud lol

  • I'm sorry to be that guy and I don't mean to fat shame. But is no one worried about Alvin's health when watching the Burger Show? I'm really worried. 💔 Burgers look good though

  • i dont trust anyone who says plant patties are bomb, and eats a burger with mineral water smh.

  • dude with the brea hat needs to get smacked, looking that stupid. dude dont have real friends lol

  • when that girl said impossible burger…. why is she even on the show??

  • "Male dominated"??? Being intimidated for such a st*pid reason??? How divided are you, Americans??? How much propaganda did it take to get you here???

  • I’m convinced this guy only eats burgers for breakfast lunch and dinner

  • This is the definition of “the sketchy places having the best food”

  • the meat in the yellow paper just aint that thicc and theres more cheese than meat imo. The Presentation is huge plus tho.

  • What is with this toxic chat? Why is everyone hating so much?

  • you at least got to give them credit for at least attempting at making these non-famous people seem like they're famous.

  • The size of these guys back necks rolls, damn....

  • I love Alvin but he needs to lose some weight. The back of his head has another neck at 1:15

  • Did he just call L.A. a community?.. the superficial sociopath ridden city where no one gives a fuck about anyone?

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  • Food looked good and all that but these dudes are not entertaining

  • This show needs to do a collaboration with Randy with Randy from Trailer Park Boys. If you don't know what I mean, very little research will help it make sense. You're welcome for the big idea

  • Lol wtf dude. “Factsss ... hahhuh facts ... facts ...” Chill dude. You sound like you’re having a stroke. It’s not normal

  • Did ... uh, did he say DJ ... SO SUPER SAIYAN?! I guess I have to keep watching, because I guess I just don’t get it. Edit: oh. Sosupersam. Gotcha.

  • lmfaoooo these guys so fat they about to drop dead and still shoving their mouths with food wtf?

  • Definitely gone have to slide when I go to LA in August





  • The fattest guy got a second head on his neck.

  • Did she say vanilla cheese? Thats hallumi

  • How is this man still alive?

  • The L.A. hipsters who have to use the current and trendy lingo are NOT fire, or slap, they're sad

  • Intimidated by making burgers, its 23:10 pm and am dying of laughter, better make some seriously good burgers ladys.

  • 5:35 food does not “slap” it smacks 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • 00:40 back of the neck (NAPE), not someone to be in someones business, but lay of the burgers for some time.. I wanna watch this show in a few years also.

  • Yes...Shredded Lettuce. Keep that Bigass Leaf off my Burger. That Yellow Paper Burger looks unbelievable..get a Fryer and some Steak Fries or Crinkle Cuts to go with that masterpiece.

  • Bro try Big Ds Burgers in Whittier FIIIIIIIIIIRE

  • the first place is it for me, not sure I could mess with that 2nd place.

  • Dog needs a salad.

  • The yellow paper dude sounds exactly like ben wyatt (adam Scott)

  • Hangaburs try desserts, like Tiramisu, that you can make in large batches and refrigerate for a day or two. Props for the mexican Fanta!

  • I love the show and the idea of the series, but I hate how they talk sometimes

  • burger king impossible burger hahahah

  • Bro I was eating tater tots and I saw the things on the back of that fat guys head and lost my appetite.

  • Those yellow paper pies are just a Cornish Pasty from the UK

  • 4:31, need to get that neck fat checked out man, maybe just do singles from now on.

  • that Tepik needs over easy egg bro!!! yee

  • fuck me, i need to make a trip to LA

  • I really wish they would all just stop with the East coast slang, like chill bruh ya not from NY 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I was fucking with the video UNTIL dude said @5:34 “yea this shit slaps” can’t slap smfh at least use our language right bruh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • love simple burgers

  • You need a burger Gavel!! Build one with The Motz, in continuation of the Smashula! 🤣

  • if my food show host isn't a chubby fluffy guy i don't want to watch it. cause they know whats good to eat.

  • Food doesn’t slap, food doesn’t hit, food doesn’t flex. They try way way too hard.

  • Fuck boys meet hipsters

  • When they poured their cup i died

  • 2 singles back to back is where it's at.

  • I love your show an i also love burgers. Ill prob get ppl pist at me for this...but im concerned for your weight brother . Your a genuinely good person imo. I use to weigh 563 lbs, 4 years ago. I was dien . I realize your not that heavy..but i just wanna see you survive and yea. I apologize if this seems rude or judgemental. Ive just been through it. Im still working on it. Im 280 now at 6 ft 3. Still long way to go. E.L.E

  • Ay!! Sarap! 🤤😳🤤

  • The wisest comments I've heard in a long time, its reality time doods

  • that burger with the ham at the end.. ohhh ohhh,

  • Jump on keto bro

  • they jus casually standing in the spot that the david blaine parody video was shot

  • great burgers, but cringy production

  • Did bro take a shot at Uncle Paulie's at 5:25 ?

  • I'm allergic to mayo

  • Love the show, but the brothers especially the non bearded one are incredibly annoying, not attacking them personally or anything js

  • Just can’t wait for the next episode

  • "How many times can we say f*ckin in 7 minutes?"

  • Did the host intentionally make himself look like biggie cheese or is that just a coincidence?🤣🤣

  • 8 mins.......gross

  • They sippin l

  • This reminds me of The Three Stooges. Burgers Edition.

  • 5:05 Uh..that's not a good thing that the bun is becoming translucent. That's why lettuce goes on the bottom.

  • Y’all dressing like an inflated NWA 😂

  • Smacks* not slaps :( 5:32

  • I gotta check this place out

  • so my question is why is it always American cheese

  • The first alley they were in looks like the place they filmed David Blaine Street Magic Part 2 lmao

  • lets be honest, they would never try that burger and say thats just average.c

  • Good Lord how I miss the McDonald's ARCH DELUXE 😭🙏PLLLEEASE BRING IT BACK ! anyone remember that beautiful beast !?

  • What kind of cheese was that lady using on the last Burger?

  • I still say Wendy's is the best fast food burger joint in America.

  • dislike for girls

  • mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn foood don't slap, IT shmaaaaack breh.

    • .......but i love your show

  • All I wanna do is get fat like you eating burgers

  • "we're not working in the healthcare industry" I definitely lold at that. 😂

  • "... Small, white and squishy.." that describes me.

  • Woah, just great.