Steve-O Takes It Too Far While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Published on Apr 15, 2021
Hot Ones legend Steve-O is back for the Season 14 finale! He’s a comedian, author, and USdosr. His latest special, Gnarly, is currently available on, and while you’re there check out his memoir Professional Idiot, his skateboard decks, and-as fate would have it-his own hot sauce, Steve-O’s Hot Sauce for Your Butthole. But how will he fare in his second round with the wings of death? Watch as he shares stories about 50 Cent, reminisces about his Jackass days, and closes out the season in the most epic fashion possible.
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  • This one’s for the fans! Thanks for supporting another season, spice lords. Who do you want to see next??

  • Who knew Steve-O was so profound about existence. Mad respect for that.

  • Who the fuck cares what this stupid ignorant waste of oxygen does....stop glorifying ignorance

  • Steve-O is the only reason I watched this show no one comes close, all celebrities are fake shallow can't even call them people Steve-O is a real one 🤘🏻non come close

  • literally a fucking beast

  • Oh my god. Best ending

  • saw stev'os bucket list in Pasadena and have to say it was funny as F*** keep it up dude you've come a long way

  • Steve-o: Suffering extreme pain from over application of ultra spicy hot sauce to the eye. Sean: "Let the people know what you have going on in your life." Me: Has a thorough and guilty long laugh at Steve-o's pain.

  • The whole last part is too funny for me. Steve-o never fails to be the absolute craziest daredevil ever.

  • holy fuck sean dr egghead

  • I wish homie had kids. They'd be fun

  • Can anyone help me find a certain Sean Evans video?? I’m going absolutely crazy trying find a certain clip online. My memory remembers watching a QnA video with Sean and someone asked him if anyone has cheated the Gauntlet. He answered something along the lines of “yes, but that is all I’m going to say about it”. My memory remembers it being a regular QnA episode at-least a year ago. I know for a fact it was after Gordon Ramsay, but I feel it is more recent than that. I assumed it would’ve been the april 2020 one. Now, I went back and watched all the QnA episodes (along with xmas and covid update type videos) and I CANNOT FIND THIS QUESTION BEING ASKED! I’m starting to think my memory is remembering things incorrectly and I need your help! There’s a chance it could be a separate podcast Sean was interviewed in, regular episode or maybe even a written article. I am losing sleep at night.

  • Can we get like Jacksepticeye on the show?

  • I just bought that hot sauce bc of the eye thing

  • Question for Stevo: Does the hot ones challenge hurt more than any injury you've ever sustained?

  • god i love Steve-O im hope i get to met him one day he is really cool i love watching these when he is on i grow up watching his stuff

  • Chicken nuggets😂

  • those wings look horrendous

  • The villain laughs though, once he got to da bomb and onwards 😂


  • This man is pretty literate for someone with the amount of brain trauma he’s been through

  • HAHAHA you can see Shawn tearing up looking at steve-o

  • Wait, Steve O is still alive? What a pleasant surprise.

  • Steve-O was one of the last Jackass crew members I seriously thought would make it to old age. So, it makes me unbelievably happy to see him healthy and happy.

  • 5:45 I never thought Steve-O would say something that resonated with me so much.

  • Holy shit Steve- "The Real Deal -O, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Steve-O low key looks like Logic lol

  • omg

  • Stevo, You are the Man. Thank You for everything.

  • Stevo has da bomb ptsd

  • Is that Logic?

  • I can’t wait till these feel homemade again. I hate the Hollywood effect the pandemic has brought

  • steve-o

  • What is Steve o eating? They look like nuggets!

  • That’s the best hot once!!!! Fuck ....

  • Wow

  • STILL NOT HAVING PEOPLE IN THE SAME STUDIO.... this shows dead as hell now...

  • I didn't know they still made these.

  • just bring the normal in person episodes.

  • I really like how the older Steve-O gets, the more he looks like Brad Pitt. Probably Brad's one in a million chance to get a badass stunt double.

  • I also have Berets Espophigial syndrome. It sucks

  • I fucking love Steve-o ❤️❤️😂😂😂

  • why have the wings no bones ?

  • Nine Club Sweatshirt hell yeah Sean

  • Absolute legend

  • Damn so much respect for Steve-o. Great words on life.

  • best episode of hot ones so far!!!

  • That sling shot Porta John still has me laughing.

  • Steve Ooooo you absolute legend. ✌️

  • I love Steve-o

  • I adore Steve-o

  • Steve o : chugs hot sauce pour it in eye Also steve o: perfectly promotes all his shit with no problems talking at all 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nine Club!

  • these guys really really must hate their anus

  • Day 1 of saying Jelly Roll

  • Weird.. Los Clientes is green and not red.. Just sayin:)

  • Now I usually sprinkle about anywhere from 1 to 2 million Scoville units over my food on a daily basis with occasional ghost or Carolina Reaper pepper I don't mind the Heat as long as it's got a good taste does this have any taste

  • Now I usually sprinkle about 11 million Scoville units on my food on a daily basis does this have any taste

  • Drugs allowed him to do all his crap for so long!

  • Love this man.

  • How is this man still alive?

  • The way they echo the coughs 🤣 sends me

  • 6:07 wow

  • Steve is really really tough man holy

  • He's a monster!

  • This is guy is so crazy, but i love him still.

  • stevo is the goat

  • Steve-o is a true legend and will always be that. Nobody can take away anything he’s done with his life.

  • He is a freakin legend 🔥🔥🔥

  • steveo just awesome man ..

  • What's wrong with steve-os voice

  • I was half expecting him to butt chug the final sauce but the eye will do xD

  • 21:32 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Is this is the first one without the guest eating wings?

  • EPIC!

  • nine cluuuub. nice hoodie

  • Best Hot Ones Episode ever! I absolutely loved the ending. 😃😃😃

  • Steve-O and Knoxville are the kings of Stunt extremes. Both will do it all. The others aren't even close.

  • How the hell do you do all the crazy dangerous stuff he has and then be afraid to eat meat??? wtf!

  • Just glad he's still that man but without drugs, which is a good thing

  • In the Jackass movies I always liked Steve O more than the others. But it's thanks yo Jonny knocksville that we got to know him

  • wait hot ones rocks with THE NINE CLUB?!

  • That was unbelieveably crazy and scary Wow!

  • You tube sensation Uncle Roger has thrown the gauntlet down publically saying nothing is too spicy for him. The challenge has been put to you

  • Why does he sound like that

  • Steve-o can pay for his hospital bills haha 😆

  • steve-o is like a if a crackhead had enough money to buy their way out of the black hole of addiction but somehow followed throw with it and now is just like "IM STEVEOOOOO LOL" more than he was "i'm steveooo lol" back in the day

  • Yall should podcast

  • why does he sound like he has been smoking for 40 years

  • Man, Steve-o has really put some weight on in a good way, glad to see him looking healthier than ever.

  • FKG crazy guy


  • Steve o in this one reminds me of trevor from gta

  • you guys should do Tom Green next!

  • If yall had moistCritcal on that would be the most legendary episode

  • Veggie wings

  • The best professional sports trick is getting paid millions of dollars to play with someone else’s balls while having no productive skills or care about the people that produce the income is the next best stunt to religion

  • Bring Zach Galifianakis ,that would bei lit

  • But those are chicken nuggets not wings....

  • Steve O should have a superhero movie!!