Rich Brian Makes a $400 Caviar and Truffle Burger | The Burger Show

Published on May 25, 2021
Did you know that rapper Rich Brian is a bonafide steak connoisseur? That's why Alvin is taking Brian on a burger vision quest and teaching him how to make a $400, dry-aged steakhouse burger-complete with caviar and truffle. Yup, straight up baller vibes. And to show off his own cooking skills, Rich Brian will give a master class on how to make the perfect steak at home. Meat eaters, rejoice!






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  • *"When I took a bite of this, I swear my life flashed before my eyes"* -- Rich Brian

    • @yachty Congratulations, it’s been a life long dream of mine to be the first to comment or respond to something on USdos. Some asshole at my school claims he was the first to comment on some guys USdos channel but I don’t believe him. Make sure you keep your trophy in a safe space. A lot of people out there wouldn’t hesitate to steal it, considering it’s worth.

    • @RawDog how?

    • This is easily the worst episode of the burger show. Rich Brian is a negative influence on your videos.

    • @CasperInkyMagoo dude, do you even know internet exist? How can you not know Rich Brian?

    • Alvin did too but from blood pressure

  • Is it weird that I wanna eat raw beef?

  • That's wholesome man. Props to everyone.

  • Why make a wagyu burger? Fat content is controlled in a burger

  • Chad burger

  • They say truffle taste is unique and tasty. Me after eating it 🤢🤮

  • Yo that guy looks just like Rich Chigga.

  • Only a self absorbed f@%wit would pay $400 for a burger

  • 🤤

  • Does anyone remember what show the ''fusion'' the made was from?

  • I challenge Alvin to make a burger without using MAYO

  • Buset, Brian pake AKIK juga😆

  • He fucked up with that garlic powder...American...

  • this burger is dumb as fuck it's all just flexing on how expensive the ingredients are not if they make the best burger possible

  • Jesus I HELLA wanna try that burger

  • Please, send me a bite. I can’t even find the ingredients to prepare.

  • Loving these new episodes...Chef Alvin knows how to take burgers in so many delicious directions...Motz! Motz! Motz!

  • Does one make the stek or does one cook the stek...

  • All the real one know “Rich Chigga” 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • That burger looks soooooo good.

  • Make butter chickennnn

  • Idk why I watch shit like this. I've never had truffle or caviar. I have no clue how this tastes

  • I loved the DBZ reference there

  • You don't got to curse so much. You can make your point without the language.

  • when tf did he get a gf

  • Dudes on his 3rd bypass

  • Taking a piece of dry aged ribeye and grinding it up to make burger patties is a crime! Pretentious sh!t!

  • Someone get Alvin on some sort of a program otherwise these videos wont keep coming for long.

  • I gotta try a burger like this at least once in my life

  • Any steak aged over 30ish days is merely for those that like a heavy mushroom flavor. I mean heavy, umami, almost deep blue cheese moldy flavor. It is a waste of energy, due to how long the beef has to be in a controlled environment, and quality cow in my opinion. Burgers are for the people, they are not meant to be jazzed up to the point where they are an opulent item.

  • This is just plane stupid, $400 for a burger, come on!!!

  • This is my first time watching this and i love it so much already

  • Man caviar looks nasty

  • I didn’t know he was still famous

  • This is an awesome video.

  • I miss Feast Mansion Brian and Joji

  • I love Brian bro

  • She was not necessary for this show

  • This fat guy gets really annoying soon.

  • Can't believe this Asian blew up after being a fake drill artist .. industry plant at its finest

  • Indonesiaaaa


  • R.i.p. the microphone that got roasted and toasted

  • Alvin looks like a proud father watching rich brian

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • I wanna have even just a crumb of Alvin's enthusiasm

  • the way rich brian giggled after the myoglobin part is so endearing

  • the fat fuck know how to enjoy food and I love it! that's how you make a burger and put some meat to the waist.. respect!

  • That burger thou

  • Lmao that burger kinda looks like the nasty patty

  • For the casuals

  • This was cool

  • It’s not residue it’s residual 4:30

  • use to think caviar was for the rich had to be good as a kid, they can keep it lol

  • my dad's secret in burger patties: grate a carrot through your ground beef. If you don't have a lot of money (like us) or where you live doesn't sell this kinda high quality meat, the carrot makes your ground beef so much juicier and it improves the texture quite a lot. And you dont even really taste the carrot. My dad: best cchef i know (even though he's not an official/prof chef)

  • -Catlike reflexes-

  • Thanks for the Fuego content mateys. Haven't an awful time in lockdown and this is keeping my vibes somewhat high

  • "I want my girlfriend to try this too" I almost thought Joji is gonna come out instead

    • I wanted to see a pink guy

  • This is either a replay or we are living in a matrix

  • Chigga not Brian


  • He put the cooked steak back on the raw meat board, yikes 😱

  • That shit is not cooked

  • You gotta love Brian man fr

  • Love the DBZ reference. Didn't expect it on a burger show.

  • It looks like the nasty burger from spongebob

    • Sounds like you better stick to your spaghettiOs kid

  • My heart started beating fast when you pulled out that age rib eye wagyu

  • They are so funny together!!!

  • damnit that looks so damnn gooood

  • Well it reminds me of spongebob's nasty patty

  • Still waiting for a Joji one

  • Rich Brian back at it again


  • Probably shouldn't watch this at 2 am

  • Love seeing y'all social distance even tho we kno y'all just doing it while the cameras rollin 🤗

  • Aye yo, we got a burger, with cheese on it. **plays midsummer madness**

  • "American Wagyu" Brain.exe has stopped working

  • sheeeeesssh

  • I'll take a McDonald's burger over the caviar burger.

  • he really said "This chode" lmao

  • Super cool ❤ thanks 😊

  • I needed more Brian content.

  • Thats fuckin raw

  • This is 100% just pretentious garbage.

  • I mean I love Alvin, but I can clearly see that he chose that burger just because it’s expensive. Truffle and caviar doesn’t go together at all

  • The picture of this dude biting his lower lip is quite creepy and disturbing

  • yo rich brian know how to make a burger

  • you need to get Guga on the show!!!!

  • Lmao putting a pound of salt on steak doesn’t make it better unless you really want HBP that bad

  • *His voice sounds like RM from BTS*

  • Your social distancing still? Sheep

  • listening to alvin try and sound cool in front of brian was extremely painful - even if the video was just 10 minutes

  • Ujsiiisusuwj

  • My G knows

  • and here's me ordering a burger king whopper to my door, still at least it has onions

  • He loves meat 🥩

  • Alvin is the hype man we all need

  • 10:53 He’s done it many times before.. I can see that, Sir.

  • Why is he holding the fork like that

  • Before this, I'm sure Brian have eaten Burger Blenger Barito back when his Indonesian day.