Joshua Weissman Makes Cody Ko a Crazy Fine-Dining Burger | The Burger Show

Published on May 18, 2021
Joshua Weissman teams up with Alvin Cailan to make Cody Ko a crazy, one-of-a-kind, fine-dining burger. Using foams, gels, and other molecular gastronomy techniques, this is a burger unlike anything you've ever seen. Will Cody Ko give it the thumbs up or thumbs down? Find out!






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  • Like if you think Josh Weissman should go up against Gordon Ramsay.

    • him and binging with babish!

    • We are talking about a 26 Michelin star difference here no cap ahah

    • Listen papa ... papa no win .... but Iam rooting for you ahaha

    • Yesssss! Make it happen FWF!!! ❤️

    • wait a fuckin minute this might actually happen

  • I loved this video! ☺️

  • me, coming from a video where cody ate doritos dipped in canned nacho cheese combined with melted marshmallows and enjoyed it

  • The burger looks like a banana cake my girlfriends makes 🤔

  • ooooooo! smells like fart (:

  • It looks like sponge bob took a shit.

  • 5:03 all I could do is sing an autotune “faAAtTTYyyy”

  • Joshua’s hair is fucking luscious

  • gg

  • Even though I was a line cook for 25+ years this is so above my pay grade. lol. You guys rocked it.

  • Bone-apple-t 😂

  • He could've said "howda you know that?" when Joshua told him how to pronounce Gouda cheese! but he didn't 😓

  • This video is so molecular AND gastronomical

  • That ending was amazing

  • I love Josh trying to act annoyed by Alvins horrible jokes, while holding back laughter… lol Because this is a fancy time for fancy molecular food. No time for jokes.

  • This is hella boring

  • josh had no idea what to do when he alvin yelled "offset!" and i love it

  • Howda?

  • And thus they said, "f**k those fancy sh*t, let's get some proper burger"

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  • I prefer George Motz. This really should be his show to host.



  • Succes forever thanks......

  • Joshua Weissman, chef and butt model. Possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in the past month

  • Lmao 3 days to make dog food

  • TF is up with homies arms at 15:23 ?!

  • Came from Cody and am thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship

  • Pop

  • DO it again Do it again!

  • for the Parisian gnocchi you could of put a piece of string real tight from one end of the pan to the other tying it to the handles of the pan. then scrapping the pipping bag against the string

  • Not a burger...

  • Yea they just watched shokugeki no soma

  • I’m surprised no one has said that Josh looks like Spock lol

  • Butt model XD

  • Does not look appetizing

  • @2:42, The combined salary of you two for three days is $15000?

  • "We take the soul of the burger and put it in a different body" You made the ultimate trans burger.

  • Gen Z and boomer chefs collide

  • chef and butt model 😂

  • This channel should be changed to three stupid fat boys who make food novody will ever eat 😂

  • 😍

  • 5:12 nutrient block from subnautica

  • Yokozuna in the hooooouuuusseee

  • Y’all made a turd and tater tots… you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • this feels like a food wars episode

  • I love it

  • its unhealty to be that fat. he is not gonna live past 50 if he goes on like this.


  • 3 star any % speedrun

  • Has anyone made this into a written recipe yet?

  • Joshua swearing is the FUNNIEST shit ever please bring the funny excessive cursing to your channel Josh

  • Cody really grew from "Woah, it's really good!"

  • ayo who invited alice nakiri as joshua


  • Damn this chick kinda hot?

  • Chef and Butt Model 😂

  • Crank that soulja boy . . . I'm 38!

  • Gouda, nice

  • Anything that can be consumed in 3 bites is an egregious sin to diners. Even muller corners have multiple spoon fulls.

  • "Chef and Butt Model" We don't talk about Papa's cakes until B-Roll, Alvin

  • I am here via Josh, so subbed! Hope some of your guys subs are now Josh's as he deserves more... all looked great, especially that root beer granita.. what 3 rootbeers were used for it? I love root beer popsicles, but extremely hard to find these days..

  • Gordon Ramsey comes in: Focken Hell, what is that? I ordered a burger, you dolt.

  • Cody really grew from "Woah, it's really good!"

  • BUTT model

  • I learned about Joshua Weissman on Facebook

  • This was fucking awesome. It all lookes absolutely gorgeous, but I love that they didn't try to explain away or justify how pretentious it is, like, yeah, it's a douchey, over the top attempt to "elevate" a food that needs no elevation, just for the sake of showing off how smart and we are and how pretty our food is, which keeps it real and interesting. A lot of chefs would attempt to explain why it ISN'T pretentious, which in turn makes it seem even more pretentious and inaccessible. But when presented with that sort sardonic, tongue-in-cheek self deprication, it makes me actually want to eat it.

  • if i ordered a burger fries and float and that came out i'd be mad annoyed

  • Tacos


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  • Cody is the worst

  • Joshua Weissman: "Chef and butt model"

  • H A M B U S H É

  • I love how you guys are high throughout this. Amazing. I would love to be friends with you ❤️🥰.

    • Cody really grew from "Woah, it's really good!"

  • gouda fuck is it pronounced gouda

  • Give the guy a beer!

  • I like the effort and the technical skill you displayed in this. It is difficult to come up with a deconstruction of something like a burger! Well done, I really enjoyed this video.

  • “So I took the baby and put the baby down and I took the wood and I said “Holy shit... this would look awesome with fries.” 😂😂😂

  • ketchup leather is my villain origin story

  • Joshua Weissman = "Meh"

  • Joshua swearing is just what I needed 🥰

  • “Chef and Butt Model” Stupid hot.

  • really enjoyed this episode! loved how the burger looked!

  • Chef and butt model

  • "Burger"

  • For this recipe you will need: 1 mansion

  • For this recipe you will need: 1 mansion

  • Beef rillets 🥰🥰🥰

  • Cody really grew from "Woah, it's really good!"

  • 15:24 how did he put his arms like that...

  • I’ve never wanted to be in a USdos series more in my life

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  • I never jumped on the whole foam wagon. Normal burger please for me.

  • last thing this dude needs is another burger

  • cody's top comment is still "it's very...good"

  • your prenounciation of gouda was actually technically correct, you have probably been corrected by a Dutch person who is unknown to the difference of a gouda cheese and Gouda. If you were to pronounce the city of Gouda then this person was absolutly right. But when it comes to cheeses there are non-dutch words that use gouda like a gouda cheese. In such an instance its not a Dutch a word and therefor it should not be pronounced the same as the city of Gouda. the Dutch word for a gouda cheese would translated be more like a golden cheese. gouda cheese is a type of cheese and not a reference to where the cheese is from, wich could be Gouda, faumous for its cheese market.

  • When he blew on the cold thing like it was hot...I felt that

  • 9/10 gouda pronunciation. One of the best i've ever heard (from a nonnative dutch speaking person). Greetings from Gouda :)

  • 15:24 - Josh's backwards arms

  • 11:41 when joshua said "bone apple tea" i felt that