Jennifer Garner Says “Golly” While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Published on Mar 18, 2021
Jennifer Garner is a Golden Globe award-winning actress with more than 60 TV show and film projects over the course of her more than two-decade-long career. Her latest project is the family feel-good film, Yes Day, which is currently streaming on Netflix. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Garner battles the wings of death and discusses life on the farm, the legacy of 13 Going on 30, and the reason why you should be happy today instead of waiting for tomorrow.








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  • Which Hot Ones guest do you think suffered the MOST from the sauces?

  • Jennifer is a soldier. Respect. My type of woman.

  • Electra

  • I love her... genuinely seems to be a humble good person ❤️

  • She got more heart than some other men that have been on here! No cap

  • S R B Comm, well , nevermind // / oh wow / .../ It's fy ,,/ / ... Be back

  • Sydney Bristow

  • Compare his speaking skills to Obiden's

  • Yup, still bad as fucc

  • My HOMIE....a beautiful West Virginia gal....GOLLY-NED! Yes! We really say that!! Its not the complete statement until you add the "NED" after the "GOLLY" ! BRAVO JENIFFER! BRAVO!

  • No for the tenth time

  • She is the most adorable celebrity.

  • We have seen sport stars, singers, actors in this show. I wonder if we ever see a pornstar

  • I respect that she finished her last wing. You go girl!

  • Jennifer Gardner is adorable. Those dimples! She's also got the best shoulders I've ever seen on a woman. Perfectly toned. Athletic yet feminine. It gives her that classic V taper.

  • she's a single biter and shall be respected.

  • What a challenge she was Hot before the challenge but now she's fiery Hot!! They brought on the heat. good challenge.

  • Fake West Virginian

  • There’s a ghost in this video at 12:30ish...

  • I love her, she’s absolutely amazing and beautifulll

  • Too many moms on this show... That's not very pro-choice!

  • Yes Jenn👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • She was also in Daredevil 2003

  • Fan after peppermint

  • I love her more everyday and I started with Alias

  • how does she look hotter now ? lol

  • I love her so damn much. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • 12:27 The shadow at the door

  • Not a genuine person.

  • With my hand loll

  • Man Ben Affleck had a good one! 👀

  • She is adorable, even when in pain, gracious and wholesome.

  • Her 'merica at the end reminded me of this.

  • That wave dance lol

  • It's Point Pleasant, Sean. From a former denizen.


  • Grew up watching ALIAS. Thank you Jennifer.

  • Honestly I abs extremely attracted to Jennifer Garner. Besides that when are they gonna have the guest do into the “Hot Ones” base.

  • "I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it, Sean." Translation: "Sean, are you stupid? Hot sauce for kids?? Who pitched this? Did YOU pitch this, Sean? C'mon, now."

  • I love jennifer Garner she is my dream girl her personality got me in love

  • To whomever did the JJ lens flare on the table lamp, kudos

  • thats a lot of muscle for a woman

  • Fell in love with her since 13 going 30♥️🌹😍

  • Despite her small “eh” moment on Conan for me (which wasn’t even that bad), she seems like a genuinely friendly and great person. I’d love to meet her.

  • We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.

  • I could care less about her ears....... she's beautiful

  • I love Jennifer Garner even more now

  • "Up your butt, Sean!!". "Let's think about kitchen hacks!!" "Julia Frickin Child, obviously!!"

  • 12:25 ghost in the door. spooooky

  • Better than a real date. Lucky Chair. Have to buy some merch. Brian Chubby Stove Koller

  • At 15:10. Check out how he pretended to eat.

  • Did no one notice that Sean is cheating? He's pretending to eat Da Bomb sauce, but he didn't really bite it! He threw something in his mouth, then pretended to eat.

  • I'm an Adventurous person. ( lactose intolerant ?? .. no one told you about milk ?)

  • How could Ben Affleck ever f**k up so bad and lose her. My god what an idiot!!!

  • Scared for her at "I'm fine, it's not a problem" on the first wing as if it was the last one. 😂

  • Just have to add my two cents... Jennifer Garner is a beautiful human, inside and out. She has such grace and humility.

  • 12:27 nice to see Nosferatu make an appearance 😂🦇👤

  • after seeing the yes day movie with my family we have aranged a yes day :) on October 15 every year

  • how come there's always an HD camera on the right and the front is bad? or is this done on purpose?

  • The shadow in the doorway at 12:28 caught me off guard

  • fun interview! But we want to find out about a NEW Alias!

  • Shout out to the sound editor. you're hilarious.

  • Someone creeping in on the interview at 12:28 lol

  • Was this filmed on a potato

  • 6:58 I see you, video editor. Brilliant (har) lens flare effect. [chef kiss]

  • JG is such an absolute sweetheart!

  • 9:28 Sean's eyes glaze over lol!

  • Lucky enough to have gotten to meet Jennifer Garner in Atlanta at a play. She is as genuinely nice as she seems. I asked her for acting advice for anyone interested in trying to break into Hollywood, as I was in a theater group at that time and curious. "Work for free" was her advice. I was confused at first, but after thinking about it... It's about exposure more than making perfect choices.

  • I love her 😍

  • lol did she stick one in her pocket?

  • She seems like a sweetheart and very lovely person. And nice 2 look at.

  • Isn't it weird how that very seemingly normal looking couch behind her is probably the most comfortable thing and like $8k

  • Da Bomb

  • Jen...what a great lady....she is my fantasy wife...hope my gal doesn't see this...actually she loves her , but God help me....Thank You for entertaining us with your consumate acting

  • The amount of people commenting on the personal lifes of people they don’t know at all is just weird

  • Yes day is my favourite movie on netflix

  • she’s so sweet

  • How could a person like Ben allow himself to screw up a relationship with this angel?

  • Man I love Jennifer Gardner!!!

  • She seems like someone who has to practice swearing

  • 5:25 when she says I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it shawn, that's the best raw advice anyone can give you. She knows business.

  • Can I say that some women keep their age.

  • My celeb crush! :)

  • lmao, love that very casual threat at the end! xD

  • All we need now is for Owen Wilson to come on the show and say "WOW"

  • I watched this while eating sour keys hahahaha

  • I’ll be honest, I’m only here to see her in pain. She’s made us suffer every time she tries to act, it’s about time the shoe was on the other foot.

  • The pepperoni rolls were something I always loved about going back home to visit family in KY/WV. Just the best.

  • Such a cool, genuine person. That’s my feel about her 😍

  • It's Point Pleasant. Not Pleasant Point.

  • You know your living when you own a 1080p camera and a top tier A list celeb uses a toaster

  • This series is not the same doing it over zoom or by video! the video and audio is really shit.

  • Da bomb 15:10

  • This woman is my celebrity crush and she's absolutely beautiful

  • Fruit loop pizza? Fuck you from Connecticut

  • Shes way more gorgeous then julia roberts!! Yup I said it!!

  • Only reason I'm watching this is because 304 TO THE CORE

  • I love Jennifer sm!

  • You blew it, Ben!

  • It’s point pleasant WV not pleasant point lol