3 Fast-Food Burger Hacks From 3 Burger Experts | The Burger Show

Published on May 11, 2021
The In-N-Out Double Double, Animal Style. The McDonald's Big Mac. The White Castle slider. What do they have in common? They're all fast-food burger icons! In the season 7 premiere of The Burger Show, we're asking 3 burger experts-George Motz, Kenji López-Alt, and Alvin Cailan-to show you how to hack these titans of the burger industry at home. They've got some tricks up their sleeves, and some history to uncover. So let's get to it!

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  • Like if you think In-N-Out's Double-Double Animal Style is the best fast-food burger pound for pound.

    • In-N-Out > Whataburger

    • @ShadowPlague I'm a plain cheeseburger kind of guy. Bacon, chili, mushrooms, or onion straws are the only additions that I regularly put on burgers. I don't do sauces or lettuce, tomato, raw onion. The plain burger from In N Out was supremely meh. It was a big ol' nothing burger. No flavor, tiny patties. Overrated. I'd rather have a supersonic chili bacon cheeseburger from Sonic 10 times out of 10 over a weak ass burger from In N Out and Sonic isn't my favorite burger.

    • @staind620 how is it overrated? It’s a classic style burger with insane flavor profile Price point at In N Out is also insanely decent

    • @Adam Lowe legit!!!

    • wtf whats up with the alvin hate? he did great

  • Love when these three get together man 👏🏽👏🏽

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  • oh

  • And no recipes for actual patties

  • Unfortunately none of these burgers still exist. Quality has been replaced with cheap meat, salt, and MSG.

  • As Iconic as the Big Mac is..to me it carries a massive design flaw. The fact that it doesn't have a 2nd slice of cheese on the top burger is unacceptable. Hence I order an extra slice of cheese with every Big Mac purchase.

  • F**k i love George and his passion for burgers, and all that he know about the Burger 🔥

  • White Castle does not come with mustard?!?

  • He had me at simultaneous equations.

  • 🥺🤤

  • I mean McDonalds was around for 11 or so more years, but OK...let's just say they were first because reasons.

  • The Habit makes a seriously fine cheeseburger and fries. They also have malts!

  • Which tank is he using?

  • Honey on the mac sauce brother! :)

  • Burger experts ????? Lmfao.....be serious

  • White castle is the worst hamburger i have ever eaten.....

  • How dare that airplane *throws fists in the air*

  • White Castle is the orginal fast food burger shop. 100 years old this year. Motz hit it out of the park with his cloning of the slider. They also have breakfast sandwiches. Sausage or bacon, cheese onn wheat or white. Eggs are cooked fresh. Very decent breakfast sandwich. I like how Kenji recreated the In n Out sauce. Nerdy, yes. But is better than guessing the amounts and hoping for the best. Alvin fucked up the Big Mac sauce. No clone recipe I have seen has carmelized onions and garlic. It may be good, but is not the Big Mac sauce. I wish I could get to a White Castle now. But my car is in the shop and I am not going to pay the Door Dash premium to get my crave on.

  • Went to in and out. It’s incredibly over rated. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Big Macs don’t have diced onion, they have rehydrated onions like White Castle.

  • I wish they had in n out in Australia

  • yet the big mac had dehydrated onions :p

  • King George.. Motz

  • Great show boys! I'm a burger guy (like who isn't) and stumbled on you in the USdos-verse. Probably my biggest win is finding each of you individually and getting the benefits of each of your expertise. I'm SO lucky!!!! George - man I WANT to do that but I got to find the energy. Nicely done and extra points for showmanship! Kenji - HAHAHA your nerd energy kills me. Thanks for that. Alvin - today buddy, I made the sauce. I'm not a huge Big Mac guy anymore but yeah there was a time. I have about one a year now. Today I fired up the Kamado to inferno level and got some glorious medium ground chuck. Salted those puppies and they hit the grill. But. The Sauce. I made the Sauce. DUDE YOU NAILED IT. Thank you! Geez even my wife likes it! Thanks again fellows. Thanks for being entertaining, motivating and inspiring!!!

  • Good Lord how I miss the McDonald's ARCH DELUXE 😭🙏PLLLEEASE BRING IT BACK ! anyone remember that beautiful beast !?

  • Dude, you can't use raw onions on your big mac. The onions are dehydroxulatinedion. Just sayin. LOVE your show!!!!!!

  • What's an alternative for sweet relish in the BM sauce? It's not easily available in UK grocery stores.

  • Dude, that math was legit. It lost me, but still legit

  • Am I the only one that thinks tomato doesn’t belong on a burger?

    • I don't find them really fitting either, I prefer my burgers without tomatoes and salad.

  • the "special sauce" is just thousand island dressing

  • Burger scholar? Really? Doing aww and shit 100 times before making an decent burger. Such a sham

  • You need to replicate the Night Owl Burger in Poole, Dorset, UK Giant Cheese Burger. A really fluffy bun with 80/20 mix but the meat content is a mystery.

  • Typical Kenji, busting out simultaneous equations for the sauce

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  • “Imagine it’s the 1940s and you step inside a White Castle.” Uhh...I’d rather not 💀

  • As much as this was a giant love letter to all things classic burgers and burger history... if you add mustard to one of those sliders, isn't that more of a Krystal thing than a White Castle thing? Like that's one of the critical differences between the two. 7:32 It's hard to nitpick too much when y'all did so much work recreating these as accurately as possible. So much love. Have you all done a breakdown of the Krystal/White Castle situation? I'd watch that in a heartbeat.

  • In-N-Out was my first job back when I was 16.

  • White Castle is Trash!!!! so gross

  • Great selection of burgers to recreate

  • Not going to lie - the White Castle Burger looks prime example of "basic class!"

  • A big part of burger culture is car culture and car culture is pure Americana

  • who else yelled 85!!!!

  • it really do all be bout that airplane :)

  • Nothing beats in n outs double double animal style

  • eh whataburger

  • Never would i imagine someone would reverse engineer a burger spread by calculating the caloric value of the ingredients.

  • you dick, i went around checking my smoke alarms. and after starting this 2 times i realized it was you. and i dont even blaze dude.

  • I miss the Krystal's big "K" it was an awesome burger.

  • Kenji is turning into a fat ass

  • Double, double is always the shit! Every payday I hit my local In N out here in vegas

  • I love how Allen is real about his McD's secret sauce recipe.

  • George definitely carries this show

  • Motz steals recipes

  • Anyone know what cooktop kenji is using?

  • New season! Love it.

  • Kenji gave us a college math course. It was really unexpected

  • I love that Kenji came up with a Systems of Equations to solve for In-N-Outs Special Sauce. Like a Boss.

  • Bro used Wikipedia as his source

  • Where do you get those buns though?

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  • wtf with all the salt ??? i mean the thin big mac patty just getting destroyed with salt...

  • I wonder when George Motz retired from his other job as a strip club announcer to start cooking burgers full time lol

  • I always thought mac sauce was made with thousand island dressing. It sure does taste like it

  • Never understood how they can claim that Animal Style is a burger. Animal Style is all about the stuff you put on it, not the burger itself. But, anyhoo, whatever

  • In n out burger mmmmmm my favorite

  • Kenji’s sauce formula is one of the most impressive culinary feats I’ve ever seen.

  • A history lesson is the last thing I expected from first we feast Not complainin

  • Alvin, can you message me that recipe for the sauce :P please and thank you. you said one parts on some stuff but like how much sugar?

  • that girl is idiotic

  • Google maps won't bring me 🥺. I got an error message 🤔 Food looks great

  • That quarter sheet pan that George held is a rectangle…

  • There are so many house of burger disciplines.

  • I just dont get the In and Out burger. They are nowhere near as good as a Whataburger.

    • They can't even compare, different kinds of menus, Whataburger does more than just burgers (chicken, sandwiches, melts) while In-N-Out has maintained a simple, good menu (fries, burgers.). In-N-Out is miles better than Whataburger to me

  • This is why I am a fan of Kenji Lopez. He is willing to strain out relish in the name of science to find the answers we want!

  • Now i want them to combine their burger skills to make the ultimate burger using the iconic styles together. Onion steamed patty. Mac stacked and in and out animal style~


  • kenji is my hero

  • I've said it once and I'll say it again, you've got three different yet complimentary styles of cooking here from The Scientist, The Historian, and the Minimalist

  • Super entertaining show!

  • The question that (burger) scientists should ask is not "CAN we reproduce the White Castle slider?", but "SHOULD we reproduce the White Castle slider?" As Robert Oppenheimer said, "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." George Motz, be careful lest your WAX WINGS melt like Icarus' upon a sizzling hot grill.

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  • how come alvin big mac was better than original no offense mcdonald

  • Just the thought of eating a White Castle slider gives me diarrhea.

  • 13:00 every time I hear "platonic ideal", I think of Chris Ying and David Chang (and Isaac!)

  • Nostolgia is definitely a big part. Big mac: Grandma treated me when she took care of me as a kid. Double double: Hanging out with the boys after class in High School. White Castle: Really bad part of Chicago I shouldn't have been in.

    • The amount of times I’ve ended up at White Castle after a concert is uncalculable at this point.

  • im shocked Alvin didnt do the in and out one since he cant shut the fuck up about it

  • You can't fool me I know that's Sean Schemmel

    • after fusing with Johnny Knoxville

  • After 68 comes 69 oh yeah.

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  • The Kenji research part was cool, but he forgot to factor in the caloric value of the pickles in the sauce.

  • You are my favorite burger dude 🌻

  • It just wouldn't be a GM segment without a little anarchy. Alvin trying to get DMCA'd for using a jingle. That custom bun was nice! Kenji with the outdoor segment! Nailing it. I loved the sauce math.

  • Tall burgers are so fucking stupid. If you're one of those people that stacks your burger all tall and shit, please stop.


  • Big Mac uses rehydrated onions.... Just saying lol

  • whataburger destroys all of these stupid burgers. not even close

    • @MrCmonster13 yessss

    • @taquito16 nah

    • Lie! All of them have waaaay different syles and I honestly don't think they could be compared. If there is a comparison, In-N-Out knocks them all out lol

  • I want all of them :) shame there is no White Castle or Shake Shack near me in the UK, not even sure sure if there are any in the UK. Macd's Big Mac should at least look like the pictures on the menus they have, in a perfect world they would be like the one Alvin made. Great job guys :)

  • Has anyone ever seen a Big Mac look that good.

  • 13:48