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For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.

In Pizza Wars, pizzaiola Nicole Russell of Last Dragon Pizza will go head-to-head with the city’s most respected chefs, and Internet personalities, competing in a new pizza-themed competition each week.

The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.

Burger Scholar George Motz gives a master class on regional burger styles, teaching viewers important techniques and burger history.

Tacos Con Todo shines a light on California’s exciting taco culture through the eyes of stand-up comedian and SoCal native, Jesus Trejo.

In this brand new series from First We Feast, celebrities stop by the FWF studio to break down a batch of snacks that are near and dear to their hearts.



  • Here we are, folks. The first person to say that Da Bomb tastes *good.*

  • Damn David seems like the most chill dude ever

  • Pretty bold to bring up the whole rapping thing

  • midsummer and these guys out here in winter clothes

  • he looks like an other man with his hair and beard trimmed down.

  • Boogers and tears and everything and shit🤣 my man Michael doesn't let on one bit.

  • Everything Che says, his brain is thinking the opposite

  • The way he was biting that donut stick🥴😏

  • Slowly Sean is evolving in to nardwuar

  • Bro I just thought, why haven’t you gotten Ryan Reynolds on this, he would be jokes 😂

  • This man said that he hates donuts because he never wanted to look like a fat fuck 😂😂😂

  • The hesitation before Micheal bit the bomb had me crying 😭😭😭

  • Rachael ray got hot sauce balls what a champ

  • Love this dude! Do Colin next

  • He’s amazing. He killed a man 11 years before he was born!

  • Thought this guy was gunna be a rapper.. who knew he was a stand up

  • So is Sean gonna get sting by bullet ant or killer wasp ?

  • Smiling so huge at the end. Great show!

  • Yes brother, I'm so proud of you 👏 go get your belt . And defend it. Enjoy every minute of all this.

  • So that new sauce of yours is it like a barbeque/hot sauce?? So is it like HP sauce but spicy?

  • I’m sure it’s not good to touch the mouth of the bottles to the meat. Slight contamination possible for the next star.

  • The one former cast member of SNL that I'd love to see is either Jim Breuer or Hader. Guest member I'd love to see is either Timberlake or Dwayne Johnson.

  • One of the best! Your a gangster Michael Che!

  • Best episode in a Long Long Time, a Return to Form

  • You know you lie

  • Damn adam lost all that weight And found pretty much all of it again 👀 Hope he stays out of health harm

  • Black Paul Rudd. Hilarious 😆

  • Socialist

  • 0:24 she says pissa then at 0:27 she says pizza like is she just trolling at this point

  • *I don't want to eat Chicken on camera😂*

  • Best Hot Ones Ever!!


  • Props!! no water or milk

  • Soo funny 😂

  • Those were not cooked eggs

  • Please interview Tim Robinson

  • Perhaps Sean and Professor X are one and the same......

  • “…n___a what’s up witcho momma..?!?” Lmaaaoo

  • lol. One of the most hilarious guests!!

  • This was a good one! I laughed so hard at the end!

  • The next comedian to bring on should be Andrew Schulz

  • "That's What they call me. The black Paul Rudd"

  • "I met..." "Andre 3000." "Yeah! How'd you know that?" Sean the all knowing simply nods and smiles...

  • Saw her movie valerion and never heard of her before. Glad I watched this, very funny person.

  • Aussie - Represents!! Love you Margot.

  • Have you ever killed anyone? We haven't heard from Coolio is a longtime. Hilarious!

  • I really need to see Hailee Steinfeld in one of this videos... would be amazing and so funny to watch! She's the cutest and the funniest at the same time ♥️ so pleaaaase?

  • Da Bomb was so hot I didn't hear the question either.

  • does anyone know why he didn't want to eat chicken on camera? because he specifically said "on camera", meaning that he has no problem eating it regularly?

  • "Is this hot?" lol

  • Is it just me or does he comes across as painfully dumb?

  • "You're gonna get ripped off! Because cars are not that valuable." This explains how a new car depreciates the moment you take it off the lot...

  • Bro I've been on a michael che marathon for a month. Dude is so underrated

  • Would love to do this one day just to find out things I didn’t know about myself from Sean Evans🤣

  • How the f**k you know that he been dead 10 years 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • My favourite heroes, don't think they are heroes. And my favourite characters don't know the impact of their character on the people who see them as heroes.

  • Y’all need to interview JINJER

  • Lol

  • Michael che is the shit.

  • Get Oliver tree on hot ones

  • “That last one was good.” Don’t insult DaBomb like that. We can all see you dying inside.

  • I love Michael Che but his cockiness caught up with him when he ate DA BOMB. Nobody can resist DA BOMB.

  • The guests mics shouldn't be so close where you could literally hear the meat between the teeth. Hard to listen to.

  • Belli is the best reaction she look lile wifu


  • Dear Gordon, Your stories of working in a kitchen are horrific. Why the fuck do you blame "snowflake millenials" for not wanting to tolerate abuse? Sincerely, people who aren't fucknuts Seriously, the reaction to "ravioli tossed across the room and ducks flying like they'd been reborn" should be to think it's a BAD thing. That's fucking workplace harassment. Kitchen culture is fucking horrifying.

  • Came here seeing an excerpt of an interview where David repped socialism - this guy rules!

  • Good one!

  • Four time roundtabler of the year, MICHAEL CHE!!

  • Che is the first guest to like The Bomb sauce! 😬👍

  • Can we get Vin Diesel on here?

  • Could do a whole pretaped sketch, pitching to Lorne Michaels and Che walks by and say 'ooh hell no!', Sean Evans gets kicked out. old cast montage rejecting they nominate Jim Belushi. Start with 'Pot Sauce' and as Jim smokes while chattin' n eating - smoke gradually fills up and surprise 'audience' guest like Snoop, Woody, Tommy Chong, Seth Rogen, Willie Nelson, McConaughey, etc... session never gets to the hottest as sceen fills totally in smoke and somone yells out in Cheech's voice "Com'mon Ice Cream!!!!"

  • Deep dish is a casserole! Lol a lasagna huurr in Canada!

  • The eco at 14:55"iv had hotter ice cream" "when does it get hot?" LMAO

  • Christian Katan

  • Anything with Lil yachty is perfection. Period.

  • Joijo from bk is adorable! Like fuck Mann!